Believe it or not, there’s some work that needs to be done to your walls before they are repainted. Toronto painting contractors can’t simply apply a fresh coat of paint to your outdated wall colours – your surfaces must first be prepared.

To begin, the Toronto painting contractors will first wash your walls with soap, bleach or laundry detergent and with warm water. Once the walls are dried, flaking paint will be removed with a paint scraper, and bumps will be smoothed out with sandpaper.

Primer will then be applied on drywall to even the walls out. For walls with stains or damage, oil-based primer will be used for best results.

Once this is done, the Toronto painting contractors are ready to begin painting your walls! They’ll protect mouldings and sconces with trim and painting tape first. The colours you selected during your free colour consultation will be applied to your surfaces. Once dried, your home will have an all new look.

It all starts with preparing your walls first. Be sure to ask your Toronto painting contractors what the preparation process is, so you know what to expect, and how long it will take, before the new look you desire is ready.

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