Your Walls Need a New Design. Redecorate Them with a Stylish Wallpaper

Painters Painting Toronto has been hanging wallpaper in residential homes across Toronto for over 22 years, an alternative to their house painting specialty. These Toronto painting contractors are punctual, affordable and best of all – protective of your belongings, when it comes to redecorating your home’s walls. As the Toronto painting contractors have been wallpaper stripping and hanging for over 2 decades, speed and precision is part of the company’s reputation.

When hanging wallpaper, Painters Painting Toronto uses a tidy, eco-friendly and durable paste. You can expect to see such tools as brushes and steam rollers. A brush is used to hang each sheet, one strip at a time. The steam roller makes the edges of the wallpaper smooth. What you won’t see is a roller, as wallpaper has a tendency to stick to this tool upon being applied.

Windows will be opened, fans used and vents utilized to air out any scent the wallpaper paste emits. The area will be clean – no muck or mess will taint your floors or carpet, and all areas will be protected with sheets and applicable protection. Painters Painting Toronto will advise you to leave the heat off for a short time, so as to not over-dry the paste on the wallpaper.

Painters Painting Toronto is also mindful that some wallpaper are heavier than others, and therefore, different paper requires different pastes. Other wallpaper have unique textures that must be applied carefully – vinyl, for example, has difficulty sticking to itself.

Air bubbles are always a concern when applying wallpaper, but not to these Toronto painting contractors! The secret to avoiding air bubbles is to apply wallpaper neatly, yet quickly. For unavoidable air bubbles, the solution is as easy as cutting the bubble, applying a tiny amount of paste, and smoothing the area over, blending it in.

Once the paste has dried, your walls will have an all new look – the fresh makeover you’ve been dreaming about. You’ll have options about wallpaper styles during your free consultation, which will also be informative – you’ll learn how quick the process will be, and how it is the most economical approach to redecorating your home.

Painters Painting Toronto have been hanging and stripping wallpaper on walls for over 22 years, and each project comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For more information, call 416-618-0400 or visit the official website at www.painterspaintingtoronto.com today!