Toronto Wallpapering and Painting Contractor – Wallpaper vs. Paint?

More and more people are considering wallpaper when redecorating the interior of their home. Gone are the ugly florals of the seventies – today’s wallpaper is modern, attractive and really easy to use.

So why choose wallpaper? Just like paint, wallpaper can brighten a dark room, add character to an otherwise boring room, and create warmth if a room doesn’t have any architectural features to make it stand out. However, unlike paint, wallpaper with patterns like stripes or large prints can give a room with low ceilings the illusion of being taller, and it can balance rooms that might otherwise appear too small or too narrow.

Renaissance Painters are renowned in Toronto for their skill and talent when it comes to wallpaper. Depending on the room in your home, our Toronto painters will recommend the finest wallpaper to reflect your style and taste: whether it’s an exotic paper, more luxurious silk wallpaper, a hand-painted wallpaper from master artisans, or something more practical and contemporary, Renaissance Painters are the painters in Toronto you need to help bring a depth and intensity to your home that paint alone cannot accomplish.

Transforming your Toronto home with wallpaper is easier and more economical than you think.
Wallpaper is reported to be making a comeback because of its durability – many of today’s wallpapers survive an average of seven to ten years, especially because they can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Unlike paint, wallpaper easily covers defects and flaws in the wall surface and provides a protective layer against knicks and scratches caused by busy, active families.

Give your Toronto home an air of quality and richness not found in uncovered walls. Freshening up your home with a timeless decorating product is the challenge Toronto painters Renaissance Painters are waiting for. Call them today!

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