Your house is your castle. It is your refuge. It is a reflection of personality and lifestyle. When painting the interior of your house, choosing the right colour will help turn your house into your home; the one place you always come back to.

We are Renaissance Painters, located in Toronto, Ontario, and our painters have mastered the art of colour. As artists, our focus is on giving you a truly unique painting experience; creating a colour palette that suits your particular home that undoubtedly, will not be duplicated. We want the colours you choose to be stylish and unique, but more importantly we want them to be timeless. Using your existing home décor, existing lighting and approximately 8,000 different paint colours, our Toronto painters will help make the home you like, the home you love.

We will introduce you to the best paint Toronto has to offer: Benjamin Moore, Para Paint, Ralph Lauren and Pratt & Lambert, just to name a few. Once you’ve selected your favorite colours, we’ll let you try them on for size. By painting a sample spot of wall, our painters will demonstrate how a colour will show under your existing lighting. If the colours work and you love them, we’ll begin painting right away. If the colours are not what you expected, or simply do not fit, we’ll try again. And this is where the artistry and magic really begins.

Perhaps that Benjamin Moore Night Train requires a little more….night. We are artists, after all, and love nothing more than getting creative. Adjusting the perfect colour to make it that much better is a skill few Toronto painters have. We consider this process a labour of love. When the customization is done by our painters personally, with care and precision and with your home in mind, the result is nothing but your colour. We’ll even let you name it.

You spend time selecting your wardrobe for the day, the right tableware for a dinner party, that perfect gift for a loved one. Painting the interior of your home should command the same, if not more, attention. Hasty decisions can often lengthen the painting project, potentially costing you more than originally planned. The time we spend choosing, testing and customizing colours, to suit your specific needs, ensures that at Renaissance Painters, our painters won’t just paint your home, they’ll beautify it. And in the end, a beautiful home is what will keep you coming back.