1. We have over 30 years of experience working in and around the Greater Toronto Area in many of the finest homes and businesses.
  2. At Renaissance Painters we only hire the most highly skilled, trustworthy and polite painters.
  3. We use the absolute best painting products and equipment on the market.
  4. We use the best brushes, rollers, drop clothes and sprayers that money can buy.
  5. On interior residential jobs we dust and vacuum daily.
  6. We use oil paints on all trim because we know it to be infinitely better than any latex product.
  7. Our pricing is Guaranteed to be the BEST VALUE on the market!
  8. We can provide you with as many references or Guestbook as you would need, and our references are always from our ten most recent clients!
  9. We greatly value our clients and know that we would be nothing without their support. That is why we do our utmost to treat your home and the people in your homes with the utmost respect!
  10. Our Work is our passion. Your dreams are our vision!