The Psychology of Your Colour Selection

When repainting your house, condo, office or apartment, you should keep in mind that the colour you select is more than just aesthetics and beauty. Colour represents the tone of the atmosphere, and your overall mood. Toronto’s #1 painting contractors, Painters Painting Toronto, realizes this, and will guide you in choosing the right colours for each room you redecorate.

When was the last time you visited Las Vegas? Did you notice the abundance of red lights across the strip? It’s hardly a coincidence that people tend to have more risky behavior under a red light. Or how about a dark gloomy day – are you more inclined to spend the day outdoors, or retreat to the dryer pastures inside? Does a blue sky make you want to lock yourself up indoors, or spend the day in the sunshine, surrounded by fresh air? Different colours make you react different ways,. It’s important to remember this when it’s time to choose colours in the place you spend most – your home.

Associating our moods with colour is psychological. We may have been conditioned at an early age, either by our families, our teachers or even our friends, to react upon colour suggestions. Some cultures place strong beliefs in colour representation. Others associate colours with rules – what do you do when you see a green light? Businesses have capitalized on colour psychology for years. Even realtors and home stagers will tell you to minimize a certain colour in your home and replace it with a more inviting one in order to set the right tone.

Painters Painting Toronto is well versed when it comes to setting the tone of your home. Some rooms in your home or office may require a more sharp, attentive feel, while other rooms have been designated relaxation-only areas. Each room is different. Your furniture is also taken into consideration – the colours you select should never clash with the couches and fixtures within your environment. Views are also a factor – does your windows face the big city, a field of green or perhaps the ocean?

Painters Painting Toronto have been providing colour consultations for over 22 years, and helps each and every client feel secure – and sure – about the colours they select for their home or office makeover. A free consultation is provided before any project begins. With astounding reviews and a satisfaction guarantee, you can trust Toronto’s #1 painters to provide you with colour clarity.

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