Should the Trim of One Room Differ from the Trim of Another?

When performing an interior painting job, Painters Painting Toronto are often asked: “should you paint the trim in one room a different color than the trim of another?”. No homeowner wants the colours on their walls to clash. This is why Toronto’s #1 painting contractors offer a free consultation, to help you determine which colours will compliment the furniture, fixtures and accessories within your home.

Homeowners are influenced by the colours they see in other’s homes, on decorating shows or even in design media. “If it looks great there, it’ll look great in my home too!” is the false assumption. Colour co-ordinating is the key factor here, however. As great as the colour will look on your wall, it may or may not mesh with the other colours in the room. Further, the colour may blend in beautifully, while the trim differs from the rest of the house. These are all dilemmas your free consultation will address. To put you at ease though, consider the following:

The ceilings and trim of your home are consistent throughout your home. While the walls can be altered to various colours of your choice, think of the trim as the unified common denominator between each room in your house. Keeping the colour on your ceilings limited to one colour eases the transitions between wall colours as you move from room-to-room.

White goes with every colour. It is why home stagers, interior designers and decorators choose it so often! That being said, any trim that is painted non-white limits your decorating options. A door is what seals the balance of colour between each rooms, but what happens when the doors are opened? Does one room’s trim clash with another? Each room should have common colour theme, a smooth colour transition that doesn’t shock your mind and mood upon moving from one room to another. This is why it’s important to keep the trim the same colour.

Homeowners are easily susceptible to outside influence. It’s important to consider many factors when painting the walls, ceiling and trim of your rooms – just because one room looks good in a picture, doesn’t mean yours will. The other rooms and fixtures within them are the determining factors of a colour’s aesthetics.

It’s okay, though, don’t fret! Where one colour doesn’t fit, several more will, and that’s what Painters Painting Toronto will help you determine.

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