Renaissance Painters Take Care of Your Home

At Renaissance Painters, we are exceptionally talented and renowned in the Toronto area for our skill in residential painting.  But our commitment extends farther than the walls – our Toronto painters take care of your home.

Whether your home is a large Victorian in Rosedale or a bachelor condo in swanky downtown Toronto, our approach is always the same.  Our painters dress for the job as professionally as possible and we always leave our boots at the door.  Always.

Our Toronto painters begin each project by prepping the entire area.  Ideally, we prefer to carefully remove furniture but if that isn’t possible, we lay drop cloths to cover the flooring and any furniture left in the room.  We remove pictures, books and plants to prevent possible accidents.  We even prep the baseboards to ensure a clean, dry surface for painting.  Wall-patching and sanding can create a dusty mess, but our professional Toronto painters go the extra mile to clean the room as best they can.  And when the paint has finally dried, drop cloths are picked up, furniture is replaced and all paint cans, brushes and other materials disappear.

We pride ourselves on our quality workmanship but we know there’s more to it than that.  Our Toronto painters treat each home as if it was our own, and our customers love us for it!