There are Many Reasons to Consider Staircase Refinishing in Toronto

Perhaps you wish to repair some minor cosmetic damage, renovate your staircase to match other improvements you have made in your home, or make necessary repairs for safety reasons. Whatever the case may be, when staircase refinishing and renovation is at the forefront of your thoughts, explore the creative potential of your staircase that you may have been overlooking.

Just How Important is Your Home’s Staircase? Extremely, as it Turns Out

You may not give much thought to your staircase until something becomes worn enough so that it looks homely or becomes broken to the point that it merits concern for safety reasons. But if you think that your staircase is fairly inconsequential in the grand scheme of your home, let’s consider the impact of staircases. Close your eyes for a moment and picture Scarlett O’Hara. Did you picture her on a grand, sweeping, carpeted staircase? How about The Brady Bunch? You probably not only can see them on the staircase, but can also visualize them in perfect descending order. The imagery of the staircase in the landscape of your home is that indelible. Staircases have their own verve and je ne sais quois, and they can serve as a star player or as a supporting actor. They can also be a garden-variety eyesore.

The destiny of your staircase is decided by your creative vision, plus the work of the craftsmen that you choose to put their talents to work on shaping your staircase into the design statement that you wish for it to be. Read more


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October 21, 2015

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