Bringing an Interior Designer Into Your Toronto Renovation is a Smart Investment

An interior designer is, in a sense, your creative advocate. Your designer ensures that your needs are heard by the team and that your functional and aesthetic requirements are flawlessly incorporated into the finished product. Whether you’re working on a single room or a whole-house renovation, a trained interior designer will ensure that the outcome is a stunning reflection of your desires.

Your Toronto Interior Designer is the Flourish That Transforms House to Home

There are architects, and there are contractors, and there are interior designers. Each has their own part in the ensemble of Toronto craftsmen who will transform your empty or obsolete space into a useful, appealing, and expressive haven in which you will live and share your life. It may seem that the job of the interior designer is small in the overall scheme of things; after all, without the architect and contractor, there would be no space to refine. But it is the interior designer who transforms a house into a cherished home and source of personal pride. What is a room without color, lighting, textures, and an inviting layout? It’s just a room. The interior designer adds the stylistic swagger that makes “just a room” your very own exclusive retreat.

The Renaissance Painters Team of Professionals Would Be Incomplete without Our Interior Designer

The work of the professional interior designer does not stop at making decorative decisions. Your interior designer can spare you weeks of searching for the right color, texture, or finish only to find that you’ve gotten it wrong in the end. In fact, an interior designer can tell you at the outset if your vision is destined to fail or if it will fulfill your expectations not only in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of product performance. Your interior designer will know which products do well and whether they are durable, easy to maintain, and how the manufacturer’s reputation is for handling issues.

When the interior designer is consulted at the outset of your project, decisions can be made to avoid expensive alterations or difficult structural changes at a later time. Colors and textures needn’t be decided at the project outset, but structural decisions must be. If your interior designer has a concept that affects the structure, the sooner that goes into the plan, the better and less complicated. It’s extremely valuable when your contractor and interior designer work well together. Having an interior designer who is accustomed to working with your contractor yields a tremendous advantage in that they understand each other’s techniques and tastes, and they can even begin their collaboration before building plans are finalized, or even drawn.

Our Team Dynamic is Built upon a Commitment to Artisanship and a Relentless Drive to Please our Customers

By working with a trained interior designer, you will have a clear and well-executed plan by which to achieve your vision and give your space its energy—which also increases the ultimate value of your home. Renaissance Painters has a full-time interior designer on staff to complement our full slate of home improvement and renovation services, and our drive to excel fosters distinguished work, streamlined decision-making, and eliminates tensions that can arise from contractors unaccustomed to working together.

We Guarantee Our Work. Period.

All work done by Renaissance Painters is 100% guaranteed. Until you are satisfied, the job isn’t complete. We make this guarantee with confidence, thanks to the degree of mastery of our painters in Toronto and the fact that we use only the best products. Not only do top-quality brand names like Benjamin Moore, Pittsburgh Paint, Para, Pratt and Lambert, and Farrow & Ball enable us to achieve the level of excellence that you expect from Renaissance Painters, but it also enables us to ensure that we have an extensive colour palette from which to choose to craft your perfect colour and finish.

For Interior Design in Toronto, Renaissance Painters Provides Creative Vision and Technical Skill

When you are searching for a Toronto painting company that provides professional interior design services, along with interior and exterior house painting, kitchen renovations, kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing, stucco repair, stair refinishing, and other home renovation projects, Renaissance Painters will bring a passion for craftsmanship and artistry to your project. For more information, or to get a free quote, call Renaissance Painters at 416.618.0400 or reach us via email at You can also fill out the convenient online form, and a representative will contact you promptly.


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October 21, 2015

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