Faux Finishing in Toronto is Popular for Creating Extravagant Looks on a Dime

Faux finishing techniques create stunning transformations using paint, glaze, and other materials to emulate textures, such as stone, denim, leather, silk, or even a material as finely detailed as linen. Faux finishes are relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to replacing walls, but the key to getting the perfect faux finish is to have the right painter do the handiwork.

A Faux Finish Can Create a Stunningly Accurate Visual Replica in the Hands of the Right Toronto Painter

Have you ever dreamed of having the rustic warmth of brick walls inside your kitchen? What about floor-to-ceiling marble in your bathroom or the softness of suede surrounding you in your study space? You can have any of these looks, as well as just about any other look you long for, with the expertise of an accomplished Toronto painter and the use of faux finishing techniques. The renowned Toronto house painting team at Renaissance Painters can create any texture or look you desire through the artistic use of replicating paints, creative application techniques, and the touch of an experienced painter who has a passion for creating such effects. Instead of removing and replacing walls to achieve the aesthetic appeal that you desire, consider a faux finish to enhance the beauty and set the mood of your inner sanctum using only paint and the hands of a skilled artisan.

What’s Your Style? A Talented Painter and a Faux Finish Can Express What May Be Otherwise Unexpressable

While some Toronto homeowners prefer a minimalist approach to their interior décor, there are those who revel in luxurious surroundings and thrive on creative visual drama with a look that speaks specifically to their individual tastes and style. If you’ve traveled to another part of the world, for instance, you may have discovered a particular architectural style that you wish to enjoy in your own home, but perhaps the materials are impractically expensive to acquire, as would be the costs of contract labor to do the intensive, specialized work involved in constructing such a look. In such a case, you may find that your Toronto painting company can create the look that you’re seeking by way of adding faux finishes to your walls, ceiling, and any other structure in your home that can be painted. Renaissance Painters has Toronto painters on staff who possess advanced technical expertise, as well as the refined artistic sensibility to perfectly execute a faux finish that might be otherwise unattainable. With faux finishes, the results are only as good as the skills of the painter, and while Renaissance Painters take tremendous pride in our commitment to meticulous technical skill, it’s our love of the craft and pursuit of perfection that truly sets our team apart.

Renaissance Painters: Uncommon Painters and Unconventional Methods for the Individualism You Desire

Using glazes, plaster, pigments, and paints with non-brush-and-roller application tools, the Toronto painter you choose to create your unique look will have much time invested in developing the techniques involved in creating the finish and the details that you want. Don’t be alarmed if you see your painter use a spatula, a rag, or another unusual tool for applying your new faux finish-our painters are expert in all the conventional methods of painting, which qualifies them to go outside the box for using and inventing dynamic creative techniques that are beyond the pale.

Replace dated walls, stained wallpaper, or looks that are just so-so in your house, condo, apartment, or cottage with faux finishes by Renaissance Painters. To view some of the different styles we have completed, click on the images below, then call Renaissance Painters, and let’s discuss your creative vision for your own home.Read more


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October 21, 2015

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