Brick Dyeing and Tinting in Toronto is a Popular Choice for Maintaining the Original Aesthetics of Toronto Homes

Brick dyeing and tinting may be preferred for a variety of aesthetic reasons, including colour-matching bricks that are mismatched, or just to give bricks colour that reflects your own personal style and tastes. Brick dyeing and tinting adds colour to the surface of the brick, rather than slathering it with heavy masonry paint. Brick tinting results are colourfast and will not alter the physical properties of the brick.

Brick Staining is a Time-Honored Technique That Grows More Sophisticated with Time

Brick staining techniques have been around for many, many years. A method that was originally begun in England, the process was conceived to match old masonry with new masonry. A variety of solutions have been used over the years, and somewhere around a century ago, an inventive German discovered that adding silicates to the pigments would ensure a lasting colour change.

In recent decades, brick dyeing and tinting products continue to be refined, and the accomplished artists who make up the Renaissance Painters team of Toronto painters skillfully mix and apply custom colour balanced dyes and solutions to the exact colour of the desired brick on-site. Using only the highest quality and combination of pigments and dyes, Renaissance Painters will match your project’s original or required colours, which can be extraordinarily helpful in structural renovations and projects that require additional brickwork to be done.

Artistic Toronto Painters Can Create Many Visual Options with Brick Staining

Brick staining, dyeing, and tinting are an attractive alternative to painting brick, which can leave brick looking dull and unkempt. One of the perks of staining is that it only affects the outer surface of the brick and is versatile in that it may be used for aesthetics or for covering marks left by repair work.

When working on a new addition to a home, sometimes the desired bricks are not available—an especially common problem when working on older houses. Brick staining and tinting can give the new area the same patina as the original brick. As the solution is specially formulated and allowed to “breathe,” it will continue to weather along with the original bricks as they undergo this ongoing natural process. Brick dyeing and tinting may also be used to infuse fresh colour into old brick, making it look fresh again. Renaissance Painters’ team of carefully selected masonry experts ensure that all unmatched areas of brick can be united as one uniform colour.Read more


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October 21, 2015

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