Hire a painter in Toronto

It seems that every year, more and more homeowners are hiring professional contractors to complete home renovations.  With busy work and school schedules, it is rare that families can spare the time on do-it-yourself projects.  But hiring a contractor, like a professional painter, can feel overwhelming.  How do you know if you need to hire a professional painter, and where can you find one?

You can start by asking yourself these questions.

Are you afraid of heights? Tall ceilings and large staircases often require climbing a ladder.

Are you willing to move large furniture?  You must be able to lift and move large pieces of furniture to prep a room for painting.

Do you have the time?  If you work full-time, it may take several days to complete a painting project.

If you’ve answered no to these questions, it may be time to hire that professional painter.

Painters in Toronto are a dime a dozen, and the really good painters in Toronto are few and far between.

Contact trusted sources.  Toronto is a big city and the odds are pretty good that someone you know has, at one time or another hired a painter from Toronto.

Search online.  Using keywords like Toronto painters, painters in Toronto, can help narrow your search.

Visit your local Toronto paint store.  Painters in Toronto generally buy their paint and supplies from paint stores, not home improvement stores.  Store owners are always willing to recommend a painter, especially those who frequently purchase products from their store and have built a wonderful reputation.

If all else fails, read the testimonials on our website….Renaissance Painters are painters who have been painting in Toronto for over 22 years.  We are renowned for our experience, skills and talent with the paint brush.  Give us a call, we’d be happy to answer all of your questions!