Fresh New Kitchen Cabinetry with Toronto’s Best Painters

The kitchen is probably the most loved and most used area of your home, and over time, will undoubtedly require a make-over. Kitchen cabinets bear the brunt of grimy hands, cooking spills, and other mistreatment. As the economy continues to claw its way back, more and more people are saving their money for that proverbial rainy day. Your kitchen cabinets, however, need not suffer. There is a solution.

Give the kitchen cabinetry in your Toronto home an entirely new look by taking advantage of the skill and expertise of Toronto’s best painters, Renaissance Painters. Our team of highly trained painting professionals will stop at nothing to reinvent your kitchen, for much less than it would cost to completely remodel it. If you are short on money but big on change, hiring our painters from Toronto is a cheap, yet highly satisfactory alternative.

Our Toronto painters will inspect your kitchen cabinets to ensure the work needed is limited to worn surfaces and minor nicks and cuts. As long as the damage is minimal, a fresh coat of paint will work miracles to create a stunning new look. When you hire Renaissance Painters, we will prepare the cabinets by wiping them squeaky clean and making sure they are dry prior to painting. And then comes the fun part!

Our painters from Toronto are the best in the art of colour matching. Our Toronto paint colour experts will factor in the existing colour of your Toronto kitchen walls, as well as the colour of the floors. We will also consider things like the size of your kitchen – lighter paint colours will give the illusion of spaciousness. Our Toronto painters will also advise you on faux finishes, glazes and other paint styles that might better compliment your kitchen cabinets. And whether you are painting just the exterior of the cabinets or the inside as well, Renaissance Painters will work their paint colour magic to ensure you get exactly the right paint colour for your kitchen cabinets.

The kitchen is the focal point of your home, and our Toronto painters welcome the opportunity to make your kitchen look its very best. Even in a recession, your kitchen cabinets can look new, updated and very beautiful. If you want only the best for your kitchen cabinets, then call the best Toronto painters in the business, Renaissance Painters today!