A Free Consultation Will Answer Your Faux Finishing Questions

When it comes to faux finish painting, residents turn to Toronto’s #1 painting contractors, Renaissance Painters, to give their walls a unique, creative look. However, there are many questions that you may have, and these Toronto faux finish painting contractors will be happy to answer them for you – for free.

You may have questions about the basics, such as costs, completion time, and chemicals. During your free consultation, Renaissance Painters will address all of your concerns, and even give you information you should be mindful of. Perhaps you’ve chosen a particular colour that may not mesh with the rest of the home, or wondering what pattern will work best for your walls. You may even wonder about the longevity of the faux finish. Renaissance Painters will walk you through all of it – and then some.

Upon your free consultation, Renaissance Painters will give you a sample of how your faux finish will look, selecting colours and patterns that do not clash with your home’s furniture. Ultimately, your walls will compliment the decor in each room, blending into the background with ease. Your free consultation will also go over whether or not you want finishes done on rooms with fixtures attached to the walls, and if so, proper removal and/or workarounds will be addressed beforehand.

Renaissance Painters will be careful with your home – your furniture and belongings will be protected with sheets, and these Toronto painting contractors will use scaffolds and secure ladders when necessary. Multiple painters will be utilized, depending on the size of the room.

For over 22 years, Renaissance Painters have been giving walls in Toronto the faux finishing treatment. Get your free consultation and give your home a fresh, vibrant new look! Phone 416-618-0400, or visit their official website at www.renaissancepainters.ca today.