Toronto Wood Refinishing

Sometimes the wood of your property can start to rot. Whether it’s your deck or a window sill, wood can deteriorate and become moist – even if it hasn’t rained!

One of the many specialties that Toronto Painting Contractors Renaissance Painters handles is wood refinishing. Sometimes, fungus invades wood, and starts to infect it from within. Wood becomes destroyed, the esthetics of your property become evident, and structural problems of your home begin.

All hope is not lost, however. Renaissance Painters can replace the boards and trim on your deck, if necessary. Should the problem be more advanced, Renaissance Painters may coat the damaged wood with epoxy filler. Epoxy is generally the method of choice for architectural wood, as it hardens up the lumber for a long length of time. Once the wood is strengthened, it stays that way, and is ready for a fresh coat of paint to beautify what once was deteriorating!

For over 22 years, Toronto Painting Contractors, Renaissance Painters has been providing wood refinishing needs across the Greater Toronto Area. Get a free consultation to see how Renaissance Painters can restore the wood of your home now: Phone 416-618-0400 or visit the official website at www.renaissancepainters.ca