Should You Apply Bold Colours to Your Walls?

When having your Toronto home repainted, your instinct may be to use bold colours for redecoration.  However, choosing the right kind of bold colour is integral to a room’s makeover.

Toronto property owners tend to make choices about new wall colours based on emotion.  How does a particular colour make us feel when looking at it?  How would this colour make us feel if we were surrounded by it.  That said, always select a colour that attracts you.  If you were shopping for a particular piece of clothing, what draws your eye first – the colour of the material, of course.  Your surfaces should be no different.  You wear colours that make you feel good.  The colours of your home are the same.

Once you’ve chosen a colour that attracts you, and before you allow the Toronto painting contractors to apply paint on your walls, have a small amount tested on a part of the surface, just to see how it looks.  Colour swatches are fine to look at, but the reality of being surrounded by the colour will kick in once you see it on your walls.  How does the colour look during the day and night, in the light and with the lights out?  Once you’re confident with the colour, it’s time for the paint to be applied.

It’s always wise to stay away from bold colours in large spaces, such as your living room.  A bold colour can overwhelm you if there is too much of it in one room.  If you are using a particular bold colour in a large room, balance out the colour out with neutral colours on other surfaces, such as your floors, cabinetry and sofas.

Even smaller rooms should stay away from bold colours, if it can be helped.  Contrary to popular opinion, bold colours can’t make a small room seem larger than it is.  So where can you apply bold colours?  The dining room is a perfect spot, as certain colours can trigger your appetite, as well as instigate formal conversation.

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