Toronto Paint Stripping is Critically Important to the Appearance and Durability of the Final Result

Over time, exterior walls can become discoloured, dirty, or covered in graffiti. Renaissance Painters can bring back the original beauty of the surface by using professional paint stripping methods to clean and restore the appearance of the structure. Bricks, in particular, tend to hold paint more tenaciously than other surfaces, so more advanced methods and materials are required. Hiring Toronto painting professionals for your paint stripping will ensure that the right conditions are created for the new paint to adhere properly,

The Biggest Part of Any Paint Job is the Prep Work, and Renaissance Painters are Masters of the Task

Though your Toronto house may appear to be in reasonably good, or even excellent, condition from curb distance, upon closer inspection, a different story may be revealed. Take an up close look and you may find cracks, chips, and flakes where numerous coats of paint have been applied over the years. Even if the surface underneath is truly in excellent condition, it can still reach a point where it just can’t hold any more layers of paint. Before you consider repainting the exterior of your home, talk to your painters about the need for paint stripping. When the paint is stripped properly, the result is an ultra-smooth surface to which nice, even coats of paint can adhere and hold for a good, long time.

There are a number of elements in a home that may need paint stripping: interior staircases, kitchen cabinetry, and main entrance doors of oak or walnut, as well as interior trim details. Our skilled technicians can often restore these to their original condition using our finely honed techniques. One of the most popular requests made by Toronto homeowners is for paint to be stripped off the exterior of brick and have the brick restored to its original condition. In most cases, a 100-year-old house that has had multiple layers of paint applied over decades will have the brick restored to look like it did the day it was installed. Our technician has been perfecting this process for the last 35 years. He employs a chemical stripping process with a gentle power wash to rinse and remove all the old paint film. The painstaking process and techniques yield a staggering transformation.

Renaissance Painters is as meticulous about prep work as we are about every other facet of painting. When the necessary time is spent on proper prep work, your finished result not only looks nicer, but it also lasts longer. Of course, it’s possible to work out the failed areas with scrapers and sandpaper, then prime and paint, but a year afterward, the flaking and chipping would likely start anew. To get a paint job that will go the distance, a clean surface is the first step, which means all underlying layers of paint must go. And for safety purposes, stripping paint from any house built before 1978 should be done by a professional due to the possible presence of lead.

Paint Stripping Methods Used by Toronto Painting Professionals

Typically, painting professionals choose from three methods to strip paint: grinding, heat application, and chemicals. Each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages, and they all require equally hard work to remove the paint because the same properties that make the paint adhere to the surface make it just as difficult to remove. Every paint-stripping project has its own variables, so the experience of the painters, along with evaluation of the substrate-paint combo, will determine which method is the best for your house.

  • Grinding: Grinding is efficient, but it generates dust, which may be laden with lead. It’s essential to have professionals perform this job to ensure that contaminated dust is not released.
  • Heat: When removing from wood using heat methods, there is a risk of fire, making this method a job for experienced professionals, as well.
  • Chemicals: There are several different types of chemicals available; some are environmentally friendly, and some perform better than others. Though some chemicals attempt to dissolve the paint, water-based chemicals break the bond between the paint and the substrate for easier, safer removal.

There is also a technique called “The Silent Paint Remover,” which uses infrared rays to heat the painted surface from behind, loosening the paint’s bond so that a quick scrape removes all layers down to the bare surface.

The Highlight of the Project: Choosing Your Colours

Of course, for the homeowner, the most exciting part of paint stripping is that it gets them one step closer to their goal: A beautiful, freshly painted home. So while the professionals are taking care of the paint stripping and other preparation, contact a Renaissance Painters colour consultant to talk about your colour choices. You may have a particular look in mind, or you may just know that you no longer want what you have. Take into consideration what will blend with the neighborhood; you may not want to match, but you want to make sure you don’t clash, either. Remember that paint looks much lighter on your home than it does on the sample card, and also consider using two or three colours-a common mistake of homeowners is to choose only one colour. If you’re not feeling confident in making such a major choice on your own, our colour consultant can help you choose with confidence.

We Guarantee Our Work. Period.

All work done by Renaissance Painters is 100% guaranteed. Until you are satisfied, the job isn’t complete. We make this guarantee with confidence, thanks to the degree of mastery of our painters in Toronto and the fact that we use only the best products. Not only do top-quality brand names like Benjamin Moore, Pittsburgh Paint, Para, Pratt and Lambert, and Farrow & Ball enable us to achieve the level of excellence that you expect from Renaissance Painters, but it also enables us to ensure that we have an extensive colour palette from which to choose to craft your perfect colour and finish.

For Paint Stripping in Toronto, Renaissance Painters is Painstaking in their Methods

When you are searching for a Toronto painting company that provides paint stripping, along with interior and exterior house painting, kitchen renovations, kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing, stucco repair, stair refinishing, and other home renovation projects, Renaissance Painters will bring a passion for craftsmanship and artistry to your project. For more information, or to get a free quote, call Renaissance Painters at 416.618.0400 or reach us via email at You can also fill out the convenient online form, and a representative will contact you promptly.