Deck Staining in Toronto Requires a Special Brand of Professional Knowledge and Skill

Because outdoor decks take such abuse from the Toronto elements, and because the traffic patterns of people and pets contribute to the wear and tear, decks in Toronto require consistent maintenance if they are to be attractive and long-lasting. In Toronto, deck staining helps protect your deck from the glare of UV rays, temperature extremes, moisture, mildew, bugs, and other stressors.

Our Toronto Painting Company Offers Expertise in Deck Staining to Stand Up to Canada’s Weather Extremes

In Toronto, outdoor decks are continually bombarded by the brutal extremes of Canada’s climate. The elements alone are enough to cause deterioration of the timber used to build the deck, and standing accumulations of rain, snow, and ice on the deck’s horizontal surface-as opposed to the way precipitation runs off of a tilted roof-accelerates the process. These accumulations cause progressively more damage, wearing away the beauty and strength of the natural wood. With this is mind, it is of utmost importance to have professional Toronto painters apply a wood stain that will protect your deck from the rain, snow, and harmful UV rays from the sun. Read more


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October 21, 2015

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