Instead of Replacing Your Kitchen Cabinetry, Renaissance Painters Will Refinish Them

Renaissance Painters, Toronto’s #1 painting contractors, are often asked, “Should I replace my kitchen cabinets, or have my current cabinetry refinished?”.

It is more economical to refinish your wooden cabinetry. Your wooden cabinets have aged gracefully, and instead of removing them, they should be upgraded. Renaissance Painters will turn your old, tired cabinets into a beautiful work of art, and make them look brand new.

After taking the doors and hardware off your cabinets, Renaissance Painters will remove older paint, stains and varnishes with a paint stripper. To clean your cabinets before any liquid is applied to them, Renaissance Painters will use synthetic steel wool. The Toronto painting contractors will then use turpentine, mineral spirits or paint thinner to further scrub any remaining dark stains from the surface, and dull it for the new finish. An eco-friendly and odor-free oil-based finish will then be applied with long, overlapping strokes to give the wood a smooth, shiny finish.

The air will remain chemical free as Renaissance Painters refinishes your cabinetry – they’ll utilize fans, vents and windows, making sure any unwanted chemicals do not linger. All solvents and liquids used by the Toronto painting contractors are environmentally friendly.

Renaissance Painters stands behind their work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Let these Toronto Painting Contractors give your cabinetry the makeover you’ve dreamed of! Phone 416-618-0400, or visit the official website at www.renaissancepainters.ca today!