Home Staging + A Fresh Paint Job = An Excited Potential Homeowner!

When home stagers give makeovers to real estate properties, Renaissance Painters are their #1 Toronto painting contractors.

Home stagers are aware that organizing a house or apartment for potential buyers starts with the walls, inside and out. Renaissance Painters work with home stagers to provide a paint makeover that both parties visualize. Older, dated walls just aren’t going to influence a future homeowner, but a fresh coat of paint that compliments each room is the magic touch these Toronto painting contractors provide.

Whether Renaissance Painters provides exterior painting, gives walls a faux finish, or strips and hangs wallpaper, the Toronto painting contractors will provide each home stager with a free consultation to determine the palette to work with. By project’s end, the home stager has a competitive edge – no matter how much he or she has accessorized the home, the new paint job is the secret ingredient upon swaying each potential homeowner.

The real estate agent has to make sure the price is right for the home. The home stager must beautify the home to make it something that should be bought. That’s where Renaissance Painters comes in – they’ll use a fresh coat of paint to make the surfaces of each property for sale a visually enticing masterpiece.

Renaissance Painters understands the value of colour, which is why each client is provided with a free colour consultation. Once the project begins, Renaissance Painters beings applying their craft, airing out the scent of paint with fans, vents and open windows, so as to make it less obvious that the paint is new. Renaissance Painters will make sure the fresh coat on the home’s surface will look natural. Upon completion, the home stager’s accessorizing of furniture, combined with Renaissance Painters’ quality paint job, will equate to an eager potential buyer.

Renaissance Painters has been painting residences and offices in Toronto for over 22 years, and their work is matched by a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every single project they do. Let these Toronto Painting Contractors turn your vision into a reality that exceeds your expectations! Phone 416-618-0400, or visit their official website at www.renaissancepainters.ca today!