Don’t Stress Yourself – Use a Professional Painting Contractor to Redecorate

Giving your home a paint makeover is a large process. While some Toronto homeowners venture to do it alone in order to save money, the mistakes incurred can often prove more costly then having a professional painting contractor handle the job.
Renaissance Painters have been giving homeowners peace of mind with professional interior and exterior painting work for over 22 years. A free consultation is provided beforehand, so that price, time frame and even colour selection is addressed before any labour has started.

Renaissance Painters looks beyond the beautification of your home to address the little things – fixing the wear and tear, attending tight corners and fixture workarounds. The painting work isn’t even limited to colour tones either – as you’ll discover during your free consultation, wall murals and faux finishes are often a wall-redecorating alternative.

You can prevent paint peeling and wall chipping by having a professional Toronto painting contractor address all the potential problems you may not be privy of. Renaissance Painters will ensure your walls have been stripped and smoothed out before any new coats are applied. They will fumigate any lingering paint chemicals to keep your home environmentally safe. Moreover, they’ll make sure the paint applied on your walls are green-friendly, and that tools are cleaned and disposed of in an eco-compliant method.

Sandpaper, rollers, sprays, paint brushes…these are the tools you can expect to see during the painting process. These Toronto painting carpenters will come equipped with all the right tools for quality finishes. Product is also a key factor. Renaissance Painters only uses durable paint that lasts for years. They only use paint that is friendly to the environment, without any loss of quality.

With the tools, manpower and experience, Renaissance Painters will complete your exterior and/or interior painting job within a promised time-frame. Let’s face it, the alternative – painting on your own schedule – may take a while. Consider that you have only so much free time, and painting one area per day, cleaning up afterward and freeing the air from fumes is time consuming.

All products are applied to your surfaces by first priming the areas, so that no peeling occurs afterward. Renaissance Painters smooths out your surfaces before any paint is applied, so that your walls are flat – the only way they should be.

By assigning the painting work to a professional, instead of undertaking the project yourself, your stress disappears. You can sit back and let the professionals handle the work for you. Gone are the worries of deadly fumes, potentially touching drying finishes or incomplete areas. Relax and inspect the finished project – by doing so, you’ll appreciate the stress that could have been a part of your life through the work they’ve done!

Renaissance Painters have been painting residential walls across Toronto for over 22 years, and each interior and exterior painting project comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For more information, call 416-618-0400 or visit the official website at www.renaissancepainters.ca today!