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The Difference Between Oil, Latex and Water-Based Paint

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The Difference Between Oil, Latex and Water-Based Paint

What's the Difference Between Oil, Latex and Water-Based Paint?

What’s the difference between oil based paint, latex-based paint, and water-based paint?

Oil-based paints tend to be the popular choice for interior painters, because the liquid is durable. Once dried, it takes a lot of punishment from anything that touches it, such as smoke, air and even water. Oil paint is strong, and is therefore the go-to choice of paint for most painting contractors.

Sounds like oil-based paints are the perfect paint, right? Not so fast. Oil-based paints require homeowners to play the waiting game, as the liquid takes longer to dry than water and latex paint – you could be waiting as long as two days for your oil-based paint to dry. Oil-based paints tend to leave strongest scent behind than the other two paint types, and is far from healthy to breath in. VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are released into the air while the oil-based paint is drying. Also, unlike its counterparts, oil-based paint is highly flammable, making the painting process a potential hazardous job.

Water-based paints dry quick, because the liquid evaporates as it dries. Unlike the chemical-contained oil-based paints, water-based paints are primarily just that – mostly made of water. While not as strong as oil-based paints, water-based paints are more environmentally safe.

Acrylic (aka latex) paints dry quicker than oil. There are some VOCs in latex-based paints, but not nearly as much as those found in oil paints. The scent latex-based paints leave behind is minimal.

Latex and water-based paints should always be the preferred choice between the three options. While no paint is ever completely harmless, the choice you make depends on the area to be painted, and who resides within it.

For more questions about paint types, email Toronto’s Renaissance Painters through our webmail form on, or call (416) 618-0400 for more information.

Important Questions to Ask an Interior Painter

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Important Questions to Ask an Interior Painter

Questions Every Homeowner Must Ask an Interior PainterYou are a homeowner in Toronto (or within the GTA) and have decided to have your house, loft, condo or apartment repainted. Great! Now which interior painting company do you call?

Choosing an interior painter should be based on a checklist if qualifications. Understand, like most things you buy, that you get what you pay for. If you’re going to hire a painting contractor in the local classifieds, as inexpensive and talented as she or she may be, you should be looking at more that saving a couple of bucks in the least amount of time. Here are a few things to consider when selecting a painting company to redecorate your home’s walls, ceilings and baseboards.

Reviews: Sites like Homestars allow customers to leave honest feedback about the interior painting contractors they hire. Be mindful that reviews are sometimes tainted by competing companies, or passive-aggressive customers. It’s hard to take a negative comment seriously when it is surrounded by praise. Take the common theme from all the reviews you read about a business, in order to judge their quality of service.

Particulars: Sites like Homestars also showcase a company’s insurance and warranty specifics. The same information should be found on the interior painting company’s website. If the painters do not publicly show this information, you are better off trusting someone who does.

Warranties: Does the company offer a guarantee on selected services? That’s a good sign. A company’s longevity is only as good as its reputation, since any reputation is built on the satisfaction of its customers. A warranty of at least a year should protect the customer from any potential paint peeling or cracks. If the company is willing to fix any issues after the job is over, they are a company you can trust. Be mindful, however, that interior painting companies can not perform miracles – if a workspace has not aged gracefully, a guarantee may not be offered in such problematic areas to paint or refinish. Ask about what guarantees the foremen cover.

WSIB: What happens if an interior painter is injured on the job? It can happen, if ladders and scaffolds are involved. With proper certification from the Workers Safety Insurance Board, such potential accidents – and the finances that come with it – are the responsibility of the company you hire, not you, the homeowner.

Insurance: There should be a minimum in liability, in case of any physical incidents suffered on the job. Damages to your property should also be covered. Your home’s redecorating process should be a worry-free project!

Experience: How long has the interior painting company been in business? Several years show commitment. Several decades show trust. A business that’s been in the game for a long time in the Greater Toronto Area has endured all the challenges of a homeowner’s requests. They know how to take your vision out of your mind and onto your walls, because they have been doing it for many, many years.

Photos: How can you hire a painting contractor without seeing photos of their work? Check out their website to see examples of what they can do. A painting company is only going to showcase their very best work to the public, so whatever you see is a reflection of how creative they can be.

Proposal: If a painting company is willing to stand by their verbal promise, they will email you a letter that entails all they have told you. The email should contain most, if not all, of the features above, along with a breakdown of the scope of your interior painting project.

Paint: Materials are one of the most important aspects of any interior painting project. The paint each contractor uses should be durable and with low VOCs (i.e. environmentally friendly). You should not have to worry about your pets or children breathing in any dangerous fumes after the job is done. Ensure the painting company you hire uses a trusted brand of paint colours, like Benjamin Moore.

If you have any questions about how Toronto’s Renaissance Painters works, based on the above, we are a phone call or email away. Use our webmail form to send us an email at, call us at (416) 618-0400 for more information.

Top Ten Reasons To Go With Renaissance Painters

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1) We have over 30 years of experience working in and around the Greater Toronto Area in many of the finest homes and businesses.

2) At Renaissance Painters we only hire the most highly skilled, trustworthy and polite painters.

3) We use the absolute best painting products and equipment on the market.

4) We use the best brushes, rollers, drop clothes and sprayers that money can buy.

5) On interior residential jobs we dust and vacuum daily.

6) We use oil paints on all trim because we know it to be infinitely better than any latex product.

7) Our pricing is Guaranteed to be the BEST VALUE on the market!

8) We can provide you with as many references or Guestbook as you would need, and our references are always from our ten most recent clients!

9) We greatly value our clients and know that we would be nothing without their support. That is why we do our utmost to treat your home and the people in your homes with the utmost respect!

10) Our Work is our passion. Your dreams are our vision!


Break Away from Painting Decor Tradition with a Hand-Painted Wall Mural

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Hand-painted wall murals are a fantastic way to add artistic scenery to a room without a view. Many residents in Toronto have incorporated murals into their homes after seeing them in commercial establishments, such as restaurants and public buildings. With over twenty years of painting murals onto walls across Toronto, Painters Painting Toronto will help you achieve the vision you have in mind onto the wall of your choice.

The Toronto painting contractors have the strongest reputation for artistic ability and skill when it comes to hand-painting a mural on large surfaces. Subjects painted include inspirational people, famous events, and even animated sequences for children.

Think about the room you want your mural painted in. Is it a nursery for your baby? If so, sketch a rough outline of where on the wall (or ceiling) you want the mural to be seen. Perhaps you want the mural hand-painted in your dining room. Sketch how far you want it to go, and what exactly it will entail. Do you wish to have people in the mural, such as family ancestors? It’s always best to have as much information as possible ready when discussing the mural with the artst. During your free consultation with Painters Painting Toronto, you will learn how the artist will approach your walls, what tools he will bring, and how long it will take.

Murals you may wish to include on your walls includes themes of nature, landmarks, children’s characters, sporting events and even historical figures. The artist will begin his craft, not rushing, but not stalling, either. You can admire the artist practicing his craft on your walls. Upon completion, you’ll note that the finished work will blend in nicely with the furniture and fixtures in the room.

Break away from tradition and incorporate a mural into your walls. You’ll be the talk of the town with the originality of your home’s decor!

Painters Painting Toronto have been hand-painting wall murals for over 22 years, and each project comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For more information, call 416-618-0400 or visit the official website at today!

Why DIY Painting Projects Are Not Always Such a Good Idea

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Every Toronto homeowner has at least once thought to paint their own home. However, the do-it-yourself approach can often prove costly, as the homeowner may do more damage than redecorate. Further, they may neglect key areas, and paint over others that need stripping or restructure first.

Renaissance Painters has been providing interior painting and exterior painting service across Toronto for over 22 years, and each project they undertake comes with 100% quality assurance. They come prepared for each job with the right tools for the appropriate wall finish.

These Toronto painting contractors always finish their work within a projected time-frame. Depending on a set time-frame makes much more sense than undertaking the project yourself, as there are so many hours on the day – you can only work on the walls of your home during your free time. At this rate, it may take you months to finish painting, and worse, the lingering fumes may be dangerous to your health.

With Renaissance Painters handling the painting work for you, any hazardous fumes will be quickly fumigated during the painting process. Fans, vents and windows will be utilized to maintain clean air. As well, you can trust the Toronto painting contractors to only use paint that is eco-friendly.

The cost of painting your own walls is more than a monetary issue. On top of bypassing any carpentry issues, you may end up un-beautifying the surfaces if the job doesn’t meet your expectations. With a painting contractor doing what he does best, you can relax and take comfort knowing your walls are in good hands. Walls will be stripped and primed before any paint or finish is applied, and done properly. Time will be saved when relying on a professional, something you can’t get back with a DIY project.

Longevity is key. Painting your own walls even with durable paint may sound good on paper, but applying it properly is another story. Here is one of the most important part of an interior or exterior painting project – if quality paint is applied the way it should be, your walls should not need to be changed for years. The investment you put on your walls should be one that lasts.

These are the reasons you should always trust a Toronto painting contractor to when beautifying one of your most expensive investments. When it’s time to give your home a makeover, give Renaissance Painters a call.

Renaissance Painters have been painting homes across Toronto for over 22 years, and each project comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For more information, call 416-618-0400 or visit the official website at today!

What to be aware of when planning to refinish your kitchen cabinets

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What to be aware of when planning to refinish your kitchen cabinets

Here are the major steps you have to be aware of:

First, an expert Toronto kitchen cabinet painting team will assess your project. That means making a visual inspection to see what kinds of elements are present, get a feel for what there is to work around, and of course to discuss with you options for new colours and styles.

Next, the team you hired for modifying kitchen cabinets in Toronto will get started by removing things like knobs and handles. In order to make the painting as clean and thorough as possible, we will remove things like knobs and handles from the surfaces to be painted. Good painters of Toronto kitchen cabinets will be sure to take photos and make labels, so there isn’t any confusion about where parts have to be re-installed after new kitchen cabinets have been painted.

The next step in painting kitchen cabinetry in Toronto is to inspect the surfaces. This is to ensure that there aren’t nicks, scratches, and other damage that could interfere with the painting. It’s not unusual for our team to need to make small repairs, or ask a couple of questions at this stage before we begin applying new primers and colours.

Then, we prepare for painting kitchen cabinets in Toronto. This typically involves deep cleaning – so that no dirt or residue was trapped beneath the new coat of paint – as well as stripping away existing paint (if needed) and applying primers to prepare for new paint.

Finally, after more primer and sanding, and maybe a little bit of taping, it’s time to start painting kitchen cabinets in Toronto.Although it may seem like we have gone through an enormous amount of prep work just to get to this stage, it’s worth it. That’s because, as with most things in life, taking the time to do things correctly will make your kitchen cabinets much more beautiful and longer-lasting.

Once the paint dries on your new kitchen cabinets in Toronto, we will apply some gloss and finishing. These don’t just give your kitchen cabinets a sparkling new look, but also help to protect them from future damage, stains, and decay. Because Renaissance painters wants you to enjoy your new kitchen cabinets in Toronto for many years to come, we take a lot of care in ensuring that you’ll be happy with our work.

Finally, your new kitchen cabinets are installed and you can enjoy them for years to come. Whether you have gotten brandnew kitchen cabinets in Toronto, or hired us to refurbish your kitchen cabinets, we promise you’ll be happy with the look and quality of our work.

Of course, this isn’t a complete account of all the things that have to happen for refurbishing kitchen cabinets in Toronto. You may want to speak with one of our kitchen cabinet designers, for example, before any work begins, or to undergo an inventory of your current cabinets, to decide what you want to keep or throw away. Once you actually hire us to help with replacing your kitchen cabinets in Toronto, however, you can be sure that our team will be ready to work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When it comes to replacing kitchen cabinetry in Toronto, or making kitchen cabinetry renovations in Toronto, it pays to do your research and have the right team on your side. So, if you’re looking for a kitchen cabinet designer in Toronto who cares enough to do high-quality work, give us a call today.

Selecting the Right Colour for Interior Painting

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Selecting the Right Colour for Interior Painting

When it’s time to set a room’s mood, Renaissance Painters are Toronto’s #1 choice for wall design and decoration. In fact, when home stagers and real estate agents want a property for sale prepped, a fresh coat of paint is used to liven up the home.

Renaissance Painters chooses neutral colours in these situations to satisfy the pickiest of people, and give the home a younger look. Besides, no one wants to look at tired and dated paint. For new homeowners, an existing white coat should be changed to a colour tone that compliments your personality.

Changing the colours of your walls can give your rooms a modern look, as long as the colours you select compliment the room’s fixtures, furniture and accessories. While white paint can make a room seem bigger, it doesn’t determine the mood of the home – its generic, and your home should represent YOU. This is why Renaissance Painters offers you a colour consultation before your home is repainted – to help you determine the perfect colours in a sea of potential selections.

With white paint, accumulative dirt and stains stand out, where as coloured walls conceal any imperfections. Maintaining a white wall’s cleanliness is also a chore, one that can be minimized by replacing white with the colour of your choice.

You are the one who will look at your walls every single day, so it’s always best to choose a colour that makes you calm and livens up your mood. If your favorite colour is blue, it’s important to select the hue that blends in with your belongings, one that is not too bright, but not too dark either.

You might choose not to go with a paint tone at all, but a faux finish instead. With this style, your walls are decorated with the illusion of a popular pattern. The sky is the limit with a faux finish – literally! The pattern could be anything from clouds to a plaid texture.

A mural is another alternative to an interior painting job. Some homeowners choose to have an inspiration painted on one (or many) rooms, be it a person or place. Others have their children’s rooms decorated with nursery favorites, or cartoon characters. Customized, hand-painted murals are always a popular choice for any home.

As you can see, when it comes to painting the interior of your home, you have a variety of choices. Your colour consultation will help you determine which tone, style or pattern is right for each room. The colour selection doesn’t have to be a hard one – you’ll be assisted and have time to think about the interior decorations of your walls. After you have chosen your colours, you’ll marvel at how Toronto’s favourite painting contractors transform your walls into aesthetically pleasing masterpieces.

Renaissance Painters have been painting interiors of homes across Toronto for over 22 years, and each project comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For more information, call 416-618-0400 or visit the official website at today!

Toronto Wood Refinishing

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Sometimes the wood of your property can start to rot. Whether it’s your deck or a window sill, wood can deteriorate and become moist – even if it hasn’t rained!

One of the many specialties that Toronto Painting Contractors Renaissance Painters handles is wood refinishing. Sometimes, fungus invades wood, and starts to infect it from within. Wood becomes destroyed, the esthetics of your property become evident, and structural problems of your home begin.

All hope is not lost, however. Renaissance Painters can replace the boards and trim on your deck, if necessary. Should the problem be more advanced, Renaissance Painters may coat the damaged wood with epoxy filler. Epoxy is generally the method of choice for architectural wood, as it hardens up the lumber for a long length of time. Once the wood is strengthened, it stays that way, and is ready for a fresh coat of paint to beautify what once was deteriorating!

For over 22 years, Toronto Painting Contractors, Renaissance Painters has been providing wood refinishing needs across the Greater Toronto Area. Get a free consultation to see how Renaissance Painters can restore the wood of your home now: Phone 416-618-0400 or visit the official website at

Trust Renaissance Painters to Complete Your Home’s Painting Decor

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When it comes time to redecorating your walls, Renaissance Painters provides interior painting options for you, starting with a free consultation.

You might choose to add new tones to some rooms, have a wall mural hand-painted in another, or perhaps go in an alternative direction with a faux finish. Whatever your decision, Toronto’s #1 painting contractors will turn your tired and dated walls into masterpieces far beyond your expectations.

Wall decorating is an economical approach to giving home an all new ambiance. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to redecorate your home. In fact, repainting your home is the most cost-effective way to rejuvenate it.

Renaissance Painters will decorate your walls to match your furniture and fixtures. A nursery’s mural or dining room’s faux finish should not result in you spending more money on different chairs and tables. The Toronto painting contractors have over twenty years of harmonizing residential decor.

Drywall that needs attention will be addressed before any paint is applied to it. Existing wallpaper will be stripped carefully, so as to not damage the walls behind it. Every precaution will be taken to preserve the integrity of your surfaces. Renaissance Painters adds life to your walls while maintaining it. That’s the benefit of using the top painting contractors in Toronto.

Whatever colour tone or design you choose to redecorate your walls with, Renaissance Painters will be sure to link up each room’s style cohesively, giving your home a sense of entirety and completion.

Renaissance Painters have been providing interior painting services for over 22 years, and each project comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For more information, call 416-618-0400 or visit the official website at today!

Toronto Wallpapering and Painting Contractor – Wallpaper vs. Paint?

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More and more people are considering wallpaper when redecorating the interior of their home. Gone are the ugly florals of the seventies – today’s wallpaper is modern, attractive and really easy to use.

So why choose wallpaper? Just like paint, wallpaper can brighten a dark room, add character to an otherwise boring room, and create warmth if a room doesn’t have any architectural features to make it stand out. However, unlike paint, wallpaper with patterns like stripes or large prints can give a room with low ceilings the illusion of being taller, and it can balance rooms that might otherwise appear too small or too narrow.

Renaissance Painters are renowned in Toronto for their skill and talent when it comes to wallpaper. Depending on the room in your home, our Toronto painters will recommend the finest wallpaper to reflect your style and taste: whether it’s an exotic paper, more luxurious silk wallpaper, a hand-painted wallpaper from master artisans, or something more practical and contemporary, Renaissance Painters are the painters in Toronto you need to help bring a depth and intensity to your home that paint alone cannot accomplish.

Transforming your Toronto home with wallpaper is easier and more economical than you think.
Wallpaper is reported to be making a comeback because of its durability – many of today’s wallpapers survive an average of seven to ten years, especially because they can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Unlike paint, wallpaper easily covers defects and flaws in the wall surface and provides a protective layer against knicks and scratches caused by busy, active families.

Give your Toronto home an air of quality and richness not found in uncovered walls. Freshening up your home with a timeless decorating product is the challenge Toronto painters Renaissance Painters are waiting for. Call them today!

Toronto’s best painters are Renaissance Painters